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6235 FKD AVE
Tile Mosaic

Back in 2001, I did my first solo tile project. I call it 6235 FKD AVE. It was outside my front door at 6235 Frankford Avenue. OK so the title isn't all that clever.

Half of this project was detroyed when the bar expanded to the 2nd floor. The surviving half is currently inside The Grey Lodge Pub.

The materials included tile - whole and broken, mirror pieces, thrift store items (dishes - whole and smashed, religious items, nicknacks), dollar store items (marbles, nicknacks), and rocks from Pennypack Park. If you want big words, you can say that I am taking disvalued locally found items and reinterpretting visually and textually in a new vertically-oriented context. That sounds like someone should be giving me grants.

Xoxo gave it her approval and the pizza folks next door seemed to like it. 

This first set of photos is the lost half.

Click on any photo to see full size.

Photos of the surviving half are coming.

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Last updated on July 2011.