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Welcome to Living in the Toilet, my new mini-zine/e-mail list. Don't be too frightened by the title; Living in the Toilet will be a one sheet, hopefully humorous, look at the absurdity of life at the end of the 20th century. Like many things at the end of the 20th century, it will have an Internet presence through a mailing list and a Web site ( This also marks my return to the world of mail art. I sort of lost the ability to mail things when started to depend heavily on e-mail.

El Observation - No. 1
Unlike most people I actually enjoy riding SEPTA's Market Frankford El. I am especially intrigued by the women who brush off the seat with their hand before sitting down. Anything I would be afraid to get on my ass is something I sure wouldn't touch with my hands.

About the Name, Slogan and Logo
About two years ago I received a letter with a cool stamp. It had the world in a bathtub, clean the planet sort of thing. I liked it but thought they used the wrong bathroom fixture. About the same time, while working at the bar, I saw Wheel of Fortune. The puzzle was "Life is like a box of chocolates". I thought "Life is like a toilet" was more apt. That became "Life is like a toilet; try not to get flushed". So in a burst of synchroncity the logo and slogan were created almost simultaneously.

Bad Advertising
I'm always fascinated by truly terrible advertising. All of that money to create total crap. Driving down I-95 in South Philly, there is a billboard that says:

Discover duPont! (with the picture a smiling young girl in the O of duPont). Childrens Hospital

I can think of few things more saddening than a gravely ill child. If I had children, it would be my sincere hope to never discover a children's hospital. I wouldn't pick a hospital for my child based on a billboard completely devoid of any information. I especially wouldn't take my child to hospital that advertised like it was Chuck E. Cheese's.

The utter pointlessness of this billboard really annoys me. I am probably most troubled by the exclamation point (it's a piece of punctuation at always irritates me, but that is another diatribe).

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