The Green Door #13

September 1998

I was cleaning off some old files and found this from March 1997. Itís dated, but it is unreleased and somewhat amusing. The rest is recent.

Bungle 2 Bungle 

As I was walking to the El, a bus passed by with an ad for Disneyís new movie Jungle 2 Jungle (with a title that clever, you know itís going to be good). I had seen the previews for it as well as the previews for the dreadful French movie on which it was based. OK, not my cup of tea, but one size doesnít fit all.

It was one of those "ohmygod am I really seeing this" moments. The ad on the side of the bus featured a naked Tim Allen clad only in a feathered headdress and a very long snake. I canít imagine whom Disney thought the Freudian imagery of the ad would appeal to. Disney must of have reconsidered the ad, since I only saw it once.

Having seen the previews and read some reviews, one wonders:


Car Washing

My sister and I are in agreement. Washing your car is annoying. The actual process of removing dirt and restoring luster isn't that bad; it's the interaction with neighbors. One cannot wash a car in the city without being asked "Hey want to wash mine too?" No I don't want to wash your's too. I barely want to wash mine. It's not possible to wash a car without being asked a variation of that question.

One of the things I love about living in a city is having neighbors. Not ones that you honk or wave to when you or they drive by but people you actually stop and talk to (without holding up traffic). I guess I should be honored that people consider me worthy of constantly asking this inane question, but the answer I want to give is never the answer I can give. Get some new material people. It wasn't funny the first time I heard it.


New Season

I was very surprised to like That 70s Show. It's funny, well written and is easy to tape since comes on right after The Simpsons. I expected to like Buddy Farro, a new show from Mark Frost (St. Elsewhere, Twin Peaks) and I did. It's a strange and seemingly effortless mix of Rat Pack sensibilities, mystery, humor, and Hollywood kitch. Good fun. The Secret Lives of Men is kind of strange, three NYC guys around 40 with semi-pathetic lives. It's a little clumsy in spots, but good television and is convenient for taping since it's on after Drew Carey. I don't know if Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place is still considered new, but I usually find it amusing.

Shows I didn't watch more than 5 minutes of were Jesse, Hold to Stomach (or is it Hold) and that British cartoon of the working stiff. I did watch the first and part of the second episode of Will and Grace which was enough for me. I watched all of Trinity, which comes on before Homicide, and it is terrible.



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