Virtual Surreality #25
March 2001
Still No Slogan

I now often find me asking myself, "what would Jesus do?" The answer everytime is "turn water into wine". I have so far failed miserably trying. Emulating Jesus is indeed very hard.


Very Short Story/Spoken Word Piece #1 - The Bald Future
She looked across at the blond boy. He was cute, very cute. And funny in a goofy endearing way, but not too bright. Oh, he was cute. His blond hair was cut rather short and laid flat and messy on his head, a style which was very in at the moment. It was obvious that he had the male pattern baldness gene that often came with the blond gene. In a few years, he'd be bald and 30 pounds heavier and no longer cute... and still not too bright. This made her feel sad. So she enjoyed the moment, sitting across from the funny, cute blond boy. The cute, funny blond boy was sitting across from HER, talking to HER. But she was still sad. He was smiling and acting a little goofy and being really cute without trying. He was just about perfect for the moment, but that moment, this moment, would pass. And although she tried, really tried, not to, she kept seeing the future, the bald future.


Virtual Unreality #1
I was sitting in a basement bar in N'Orlins with Zanfir. It was almost closing time and we had put in a good session. Zanfir leans over to me and says, "I'm not the master of the panflute, I am it's slave, and she is a cruel mistress."

It was then that I puked on him. And I don't think it was caused by those 14 Abitas.


I'm done. - Scoats


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