Toons From Hell

Toons from Hell are collections of Scoats's Gloveman comic strips. The artwork isn't the greatest, but hopefully the humor makes up for it. Gloveman features:


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Volume One Gloveman and Pinky meet Youth-in-Asia, a punk band that has been receiving death threats. 1989
Volume Two Gloveman and Pinky are hired by an eccentric millionaire to locate Elvis (Part One of Two). 1989
Volume Three Gloveman and Pinky wrap up their search for Elvis (Part Two of Two) 1991
Volume Four Youth-in-Asia get their own issue 1992
Volume Five Androgydairy - Part One. Gloveman and Pinky do battle with Cowperson, the androgynous animal rights terrorist. (Part One of Two) 1992
Volume Six Androgydairy - Part Two. (Part Two of Two) 1993
Volume Seven Special Double Half Issue. Volume 7-Up, Gloveman and Pinky meet the King of Hearts (Part One of ?). Volume 7-Down, Infecticide, featuring Youth-Asia and infections. 1994
Volume Eight Aaahhh!..Live? or To Survive With Love. After a plane crash, Youth-in-Asia finds themselves stranded on a snowy mountaintop with an Avon lady. 1996

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