Caves & Cukes is a zine that was published by me, Scoats, from 1987 to 1996. Sometimes other authors contributed, but mostly it is a perzine. I also published Toons from Hell which are collections of my Gloveman comic strips.

My next zine was Virtual Surreality.

Issues Available On-line (each issue will open in its own browser window):

C&C#14 - The Conspiracy Issue or I'm Not Paranoid, Everyone Really is Out to Get Me (electronic version) February 1996
C&C#12 - The Oktoberfest or Punch Drunk on Life Issue October 1995
C&C#11 - The New Logo\New Motto Issue or Pre\Post Life Implosion Issue September 1995
C&C#10 - The X=10 or X Marks the Generation or Family Values Circus Issue February 1995
C&C#8 - The Scoats and Nothing But Scoats Issue October 1993

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